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The Seventeenth Year


V17#2 ~ What Do You Have In Your Hand?

What Do You Have In Your Hand? ~ by Skeet Savage
*The Seven Year Teaching Method ~ by Israel Wayne
Does Your Family Know What To Do In Case Of Emergency?: EARTHQUAKE
*Worms and Oreo Cookies ~ by Brook Wayne
*The Marathon Of Our Lives ~ by Mercy Hope
*Be Still, My Soul ~ by John Notgrass
*A Young Woman's Preparation For Marriage ~ by Elysse Barrett
What Is Your Standard? ~ by Steve and Carol Ryerson
He Is Sufficient ~ by Dianna Brannan
Liberalism vs. God ~ by Robert Surgenor
Loving Children ~ by Wayne Walker
Are You Keeping Your Children Away From False Teachers ~ Buddy Hanson
Let's Build People - Not Programs ~ J. Mark Fox
Likeminded Fellowship ~ by Alan Martin
Avoid Trouble With Medical And Educational Professionals ~ by Tom & Sherry Bushnell
Stop In Case Of Emergency ~ by Celia Sorenson
The Greatest Mistake In American History ~ by Harry Browne
Choosing A Husband ~ by J.R. Miller
Christian Or State Education: A Parental Choice? ~ by James A. Boyes
What Is A Home University? by James Bartlett
Implementing The Four R's ~ by Dorothy Robbins
The Moral Assault On Today's School Children ~ by David C. Gibbs Jr.
*The Incomparable Hope ~ by Rachel Starr Thomson
Ritalin Is Poison ~ by Tom DeWeese
A Kneeling Father ~ by Kenneth L. Pierpont
Is Your Mission Greater Than Your Problem? ~ by Reimar Schultze
Don't Despise The Day Of Small Things ~ by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson
Avoiding Government Control Of Home Schools In Alberta ~ by Michael Wagner
The Family's Sure Defense ~ by Michael J. McHugh
Do You Really Love Jesus? ~ by Mike Holcomb
Wounded Or Broken? ~ by John Coblentz
Softly And Tenderly ~ by Jenny Veleke
Lovers Of Their Own Selves ~ by Martin And Deidre Bobgan
Agates And Oaks ~ by Deanne Wassink
Arming Your Children ~ Andrea Schwartz

*Denotes articles by homeschooled graduates





V17#1 ~ The Not-So-Great Debate

The Not-So-Great Debate ~ by Skeet Savage
*Living On One Income ~ by Brook Wayne
Ten Mistakes Made By Homeschooling Mamas ~ by Maranatha Chapman
*What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up ~ by John Notgrass
Be Prepared To Save Time ~ by Laura Bissonette
*Thy Will Be Done ~ by Rachel Thomson
Family Life Plain And Simple ~ by Celia Sorenson
Confessions Of A Resolution Recidivist ~ by Bruce N. Shortt
Courtship As A Way Of Life ~ by David Barrett
*The New Second-Generation Homeschool Movement ~ Israel Wayne
Secrets Of A Happy Home Life ~ by J.R. Miller
Dangers Of Problem-Centered Counseling ~ by Martin and Deidre Bobgan
Homeschooling Is A Relay Race ~ by Michael J. McHugh
Submission And Obedience For Homeschoolers ~ by Steve Ryerson
A Glimmer Of Hope ~ by Kristi Grigsby
Because I Said So! ~ by Bob Surgenor
Walkers ~ by Dr. Ralph F. Wilson
What To Do When You Can't ~ by Kathy Lee Dolan
To Choose Or Not To Choose ~ Wayne S. Walker
Courageous Friendship ~ by Andrea Schwartz
The Saturday Box ~ by Laura Bankston
Do We Need Compulsory Attendance Laws ~ by Joel Turtel
Perils In The Wilderness ~ by John Coblentz
Men Need To Be Better Leaders ~ by J. Mark Fox
Should Public Schools Be Supported By Christians? by Gary DeMar
Walt On Learning Styles ~ by Kenneth L. Pierpont
Egypt Is No Longer My Home ~ by Scott and Dianna Brannan
Teenagers Precious Fruits Of Our Labor ~ Jill Dixon
The Day-Laborer ~ Randall Caldwell


*Denotes articles by homeschooled graduates





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