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The Fourteenth Year

V14#4 ~ Stand!

Stand; Coming To Grips With Gossip; Why Grandpas Repeat Themselves; Children: Participants Or Spectators?; Being A Christian At Home; How To Save Your Family From Ruin And Destruction; Confessions Of A Former Public School Teacher; A.T. Pierson - Gifted Warrior; A Family's Wisdom Grid; A Devotional About Bees; The Unsung Heroes; WWJD With The OT?; The New Evangelism; The Beginning Of Honor; What's Wrong With The Gospel?; Carrie The Carrot; Seven Simple Steps To Teach Your Child To Read; State Schools Are Not "Neutral": They're Anit-God; Grandma; Prodigals; The Eternal Snipe Hunt; Better A Dry Crust Of Bread; A Different Kind Of Peer Pressure; Loving Strangers: Hospitality; A Man Of God; The Sweetest Word; Scriptural Advice For Raising Sexually Pure Young People; A Question Of Security; Organizing Family Papers. 


V14#3 ~ Learning To Let Go

Learning To Let Go; Change Me, Oh Lord!; Grumbling And Complaining; The Culture Of Choice; Missing The Homeschool Mark; Today's Decision Determines Tomorrow Destiny; Time Management Ideas; Seeking The Heart Of God; Walk Carefully; Cleaning House; What If Those Kids Aren't Being Taught?; Kids With No Fear - Parents With No Control; Falsely Accused; Apostle Of Holiness; Self Control; Backyard Nursery Bookkeeping Tips; The Day I Threw Out The Dishrack; Let It Rain On You; The Marks Of  A Pharisee; Writing On Their Hearts; The Rule Of Law; The Loving Art Of Spanking; Pride And Prejudice; Maranatha's Fifth Pregnancy.


V14#2 ~ Show Us The Father 

Show Us The Father; A Motivating Vision For Our Homes; Beware Of Two Subtle Sins; The Cost Of Not Teaching Your Children Yourself; Simple Things; Bowing Down To The World; Homeschooling Just Wasn't Fun Anymore; Honor Your Father And Your Mother; Perverted Patriarchy; What Kind Of Phonics Are You Teaching?; The Biblical Call For Integrating Work, Family, And Ministry; Why Are We To Teach Them?; Beware Of Shortcuts; Don't Cling To The Firewood; Anger The Destroyer (Part 2); Got Stress?; Run To Win; The Truth That Set Me Free From Gluttony; The High Calling Of Husbands And Wives; Constant Change; Be Prepared To Save Time; Zeal: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly; Don't Answer - Do Answer; Paper Management For Moms; The Devastating Effects Of A Postmodern Church; The Central Fallacy Of Of Public Schooling; The Lamb Will Rule, Not The Lion - An Essay On Child Discipline; Thoughts On Betrothal (15 years later); A Conspiracy Of Interruptions; A Thankful Silence: Recapturing Biblical Wonder; How (Not) To Raise Your Son To Be A Porn Addict.


V14#1 ~ Seasons Of Change

Seasons Of Change; We Are Becoming What We Love; So You Want To Be A Millionaire?; Real Devotion; Can I Plead Insanity On Judgment Day?; Creation In Public Schools; A Conversation About Abortion; George And Friends Showcase Success; He Deserves It!; Invest Your Inner Wealth; Navigating Turbulent Times; Is It Time To Celebrate?; A Fresh Look At Tribulation, Perseverance, And Eternal Reward; This Shall Be  A Token Unto Thee; Anger The Destroyer (Part 1); Managing Moms, Marriage, And The Ministry Of Homeschooling; Identifying And Teaching Gifted Children In The Home; The Number One Problem With Homeschooling; Thinking Of Writing A Book?; Let Us Go On; D-I-Y?; Warnings And Evil Influence; Boycott And Homeschool Burnout; Choose Life; Organizing Ideas For Living; You Don't Have To Die In Your Wilderness; Truth In Education; The Things That Count; It's Not About Choice; "Amputation" And The Art Of Christian Parenting; Make Money Growing Rooted Cuttings And Selling Them Wholesale; Perspective On The Long War; Living In The Open: The Importance Of Accountability; How To Survive A Homeschool Conference; Don't Talk To Strangers; The Purpose Of Homeschooling.



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