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The Thirteenth Year

V13#4 ~ Proud As A Peacock
Proud As A Peacock; The Necessity Of The Cross; “But They’re In A Really Good School!”; Social Worker Class Links Religion To Abuse; Changing The Leopard’s Spots; Science For Beginners; Restoration; Why Should I Improve My Speaking Skills?; Are Childhood Vaccinations Dangerous?; A Kiss Is Just A Kiss?; A Plea; Reaching Your Goals; Precept, Principle, & Person; In Pursuit Of Happiness For Our Children; Band Instruments; How To Help Your Unemployed Friend; Turning The Grace Of God Into Lasciviousness; $1,148 In One Day With Plants? You Bet!; Confessions Of A Piano Quitter; Prayer Power; First Love; The Greatest Sin; Sassy Sisters & Belligerent Brothers; Embracing Excellence; A Heart To Honor; Encouragement For Fathers (Part 2); Fellowship Games; Hands Of Love;  



V13#3 ~ Heavenly Music: Tuning The Strings Of Your 

Child's Character

A Peek In Our Mailbox: Letters We Love; Heavenly Music; This Is My Story, This Is My Song; Ten Stress Busters For Homeschooling Moms; Save The Children; Writing A Précis;  Encouragement For Fathers (Part 1); Your Decisions Determine What You Become; Taking Your Family’s Picture; Winning The Hearts and Minds of the Shepherd; Desert Rest; Is Your Mission Greater Than Your Problem?; A Manifestation of Jesus; Grocery Budgets; My Virtuous Wife: A Tribute; The Language of the Christian’s Clothing (Part 2); Toys, Toys, Toys; The Destructive Power of Prayerlessness; Lessons From Joshua; The Parable of Three Brides; Shepherding Away From Wrong Influences; My Youthful Folly; Cultural Dominion and College Education; Abundant Life; Dance, Dance, Wherever You May Be; Internet Pornography; 



V13#2 ~ Courage To Stand Alone

The Courage To Stand Alone;  Character And The Cross;  A Homeschooler’s View Of Homeschooling;  Down The Road;  Are You Thankful For How God Blessed You Today?;  The Language Of The Christian’s Clothing (Part One);  YOU Can Teach A Writing Class!;  Purposing To Homeschool;  Your “Money Quotient”;  Exhortations To Those Who Home Church (Part Two);  Staying True To Your Calling;  Christian Apologetic Education: A Perspective;  Stages Of “Seasoning” For A Homeschooler;  Communication Skills For Homeschoolers (Part Two);  Songs Of Victory: The Importance Of Music In Home Education;  Daughters’ Employment—Daughters Unaccompanied;  People Grace;  Why Some Children Leave The Faith;  Our Good Friend Billy;  Things I’ve Learned From Older Women;  Come Out!;  Appealing To Civil Authority;


V13#1 ~ Heartfelt Prayer

Heartfelt Prayer; Lines To Letters: Small Steps To Handwriting; Bible Survives Fiery Crash; We Are Losing Our Children; Communication Skills For Homeschoolers; Americans Saving For The Future: What Savings?; Ten Great Reasons To Have Another Child; My Vision For A Godly Family; Pharmacy Or God's "Farm"-acy; Exhortations To Those Who "Home Church"; Communicating With Our Families; Ordinary Homeschoolers; Quiet Conversations In The Kitchen; Virtual Charter Schools: Battle For The Soul Of The Homeschool Movement; A Young Man's Preparation For Marriage; The Transformation Of Classical Education; Preparing For Persecution; Historical Education Considerations; I Could Turn Your Children Into Communists; Coming Home To Die; Choosing Books For Toddlers; Canceling A Credit Card; Understanding Loyalty In A Disloyal World (Part 2); Let's Talk About College; Thoughts On Prayer; 



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