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The Twelfth Year

V12#4 ~ Hands On Homeschooling

Hands-On Homeschooling; What Do I Do To Get My Husband To Be The Spiritual Leader In My Home?; He's So Busy Learning We Forgot To Do School; The One Room Homeschool; Only One Thing; So, You're Going To Homeschool; The Happy Homeschooling Hippies; Keep God's Standards; The Need For Discipline; Husbands, Be Encouraged And Lead (Part 2); A Measure Of Success; A Letter To Mothers; A Modern Day Parable; Appreciation Of Homeschooling By One Older; "I Thought"; The Trap Of Youth Group Nostalgia; The Finishing Level: Ages 19 & Onward; Pay Me First!; Mother; Being "There" For Our Families; Alphabet Lessons To Build Godly Character; Before The Fire Will Fall; God Sets The Solitary In Families; Lingering Lovingly; Charter Schools: Trojan Horse In American Home Education; Understanding Loyalty In A Disloyal World; You Can... But, Why?


V12#3 ~ Light In The Darkness

Light In The Darkness; Cell Phones And Human Dignity; Can You Say Shibboleth?; How To Win The Heart Of A Rebel (Part 2); Why I Plan To Train My Children At Home; Guard, Gird, Guide; Socialization Begins WIth Hospitality; Get A Life!; Preparing Sons: Real Life Stories; This ONE Thing I Do; Husbands: Be Encouraged And Lead; Sending Forth Straight Arrows; A Letter To Fathers; Family Altar: Does This Annoy Our Children; Petty Games At The Foot Of The Cross; Do Your Children Know When You Pray?; Personal Evangelism; Of Princes And Fairy Tale Dreams; Pass It On!; Here's Mud In Your Eye; Get Rid Of The Labels; It Can't Happen Here!; Acute Disobedience Disorder; Domestically Deficient; Hidden Cost Of Buying Outside Of Your Neighborhood; A Fortified Castle Of Lies; Making The Break From Outside Employment; 


V12#2 ~ Turn Off The Voices

Turn Off The Voices; A Well Oiled Machine?; Understanding The Worldview Journey; What Is Financial Bondage?; Then And Now; Where Are You Headed?; What Hath God Wrought?; New Vision For Homeschooling; What Message Are We Sending?: Should Your Child Take An Antidepressant?; Techno-Homeschooling; Personal Success; Husbands Love Your Wives: A Call For Companionship; Grandfather To Grandson; Character Building Tips: Unquestioning Obedience; The Checkout Checkup; Judge And Jury; Developing Your Own Teaching Style; Effective Communication; Are You A Successful Man?; The Little Girl Who Couldn't Smile; Walking By The Spirit And Holding To The Scriptures; Honor: The More You Give, The Better It Gets; The Church And The Decay Of The Nation; How To Win The Heart Of A Rebel; Are You Frugal Or Just Plain Cheap?; Discovering Themes In Literature; Always Be Prepared; Interpreting Standardized Test Scores; Are You Afraid?; Instructed By Scripture, Led By The Spirit; Parents Beware; Mistaken Identity.


V12#1 ~ The Perfect Homeschool Family

The Perfect Homeschool Family; Simplify Life And Enjoy It More; Freedom From The Spirit Of Anger (part 2); Speaking The Truth; I Didn't Come To Judge; Tough Terrain: A Tribute; Should We Fast For Health?; Helping A Friend Overcome Severe Depression; The Dangers Of Growing Up Comfortable; Are You Growing In Grace?; Developing Continuity In Writing; Blessed Are The Persecuted; Faithful Stewardship; God Wrestles With You Alone; What's At Stake In Christian Exposure To Great Literature?; Today's Acceptable Rejection Of God's Blessing; The Love/Discipline Factor; "Feed My Sheep"; Government Education Reinvents Government; Babysitting: Concerns And Cautions; A Family Renewed: Keeping Our Spiritual Heads In A Confused World; The Discipleship Approach To Academic Motivation; Worldview Test; Scheduled Character training Time; The Testament; Tips On Developing Listening Skills; Mom Multiplied: Balancing Our Many Roles; The Story Only You Can Write; Nakedness; Social Development In Homeschooling; Lessons From Down On The Farm; Cottage Industries And The Dignity Of Work; What Makes For Success?; Dying, Death, And Ecclesiastical Mortuaries; Early Education In America;



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