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Berkey Water Purifiers

PO Box 201411

Arlington, TX 76006
Phone: 888-803-4438


 Portable and economical. Purify treated and untreated raw water during normal or emergency situations. Remove pathogenic bacteria, chemicals and other contaminates without pressure or electricity.



Family Essential Oils

P.O. Box 62

Caro, MI 48723

Phone: 1-866-347-3591

Natural, loving, and effective care for your family's health using therapeutic-grade essential oils. CALL for informative, FREE CD and DVD: 1-866-347-3591. Business Opportunity available.


Zeller's Natural Health Care Products

22709 Cornell Rd. NE

Blackduck, MN 56630

Phone: 218-835-4340 

Natural Progesterone Cream in pump as described by Dr. John R. Lee. Special prices, FREE TAPES with first purchase.



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